Freight Subcommittee Agenda
HHTS Subcommittee Agenda
New Tech Subcommittee Agenda
Stated Response Subcommittee Agenda
Travel Survey Methods Committee Agenda

ABJ40 - Compare Cell GPS & Bluetooth External Data in Tyler TX - Hard

ABJ40 - Household Travel Surveys State of Practice from a Modeling Perspective - Vovsha

ABJ40 - Paper Review Summary

ABJ40 - Research Needs - March 2014

ABJ40 - Travel Survey Manual annual summary

ABJ40 - TRB Planning Applications Conference 2015 notice

ABJ40 - Triennial Strategic Plan

Freight Surveys Subcommittee - Freight Data Collection Insights US and Singapore - Ben-Akiva

Freight Surveys Subcommittee - Heavy Truck Activity from Canadian Vehicle Use Study - Leore

Freight Surveys Subcommittee - Tips on Interviewing Truck Drivers - Lynch

New Technologies Subcommittee - Comparing GPS Loggers and Smartphones - Montini-Axhausen

New Technologies Subcommittee - In The Moment Travel Study - Wertman

New Technologies Subcommittee - Tracking Travel in Livable Contexts with Smartphones - Interrante.

Session 602 - Baltimore Household Travel Survey Activities - Baber

Session 602 - Calgary Continuous Survey Program - LeBouthillier

Session 602 - Continuous and Panel Surveys in Germany - Kagerbauer

Session 602 - Delaware Travel Monitoring System Pedestrian and Bike Data - DuRoss

Session 602 - Designing a Continuous Survey for France - Armoogum

Session 602 - Puget Sound Panel Surveys - Childress

Session 671 - D-Efficient or Deficient Robustness of SP Design - Walker

Session 671 - Predict and Apply Response Rates for Address-Based Sampling - Bradley

Session 671 - San Francisco Transit Travel Quality Study - Carrel

Stated Response Subcommittee - Meeting Minutes

Stated Response Subcommittee- Research Statements

Transit Survey Subcommittee - BA Surveys Flows and Survey Expansion Research - Anderson

Transit Survey Subcommittee - Comparing Quality & Cost of Onboard Survey Modes - Agrawal

Transit Survey Subcommittee - San Francisco Bay Area Onboard Survey Program Lessons Learned - Ory