TRB 2013 ABJ40 Mid-Year Meeting Agenda
TRB 2013 ABJ40 Annual Meeting Agenda
TRB 2013 Round-Table Updates

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TRB 2013 SR Workshop -- Workshop Agenda and Introduction
TRB 2013 SR Workshop -- Le Vine Presentation Slides
TRB 2013 SR Workshop -- Axsen Presentation Slides
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TRB 2013 SR Workshop -- Workshop Report


ABJ40 Travel Survey Committee Annual Meeting Presentations

2012 Paper Review Summary
Updating our Research Needs Statements
Transportation Secure Data Center 2013 Update
Bricka, S & C Simek: Household Travel Survey Symposium
Airsage: Population Movements from Anonymous Mobile Signaling Data
Lane, B & K Stefan: San Diego Work Related Travel Survey
Griffiths, R E & C Reschovsky: Geographically-Focused Household Travel Surveys in the Metro Washington Region (2010-2012)

Freight Surveys Sub-Committee Meeting Presentations

Gagliano, A; Rowell, M & A Goodchild: Using Surveys to Enhance Freight Models
Jaller, M & J Holguin-Veras: Comprehensive Freight Demand Data Collection Framework for Large Urban Areas
Bachmann, C; Hossein Rashidi, T; Rudra M & M Roorda: Understanding Logistics of Large Scale Establishments

New Technologies Sub-Committee Meeting Presentations

Applying GPS Data to Understand Travel Behavior (NCHRP 08-89 Project Update)
Fan, Y et al: Smartphone-Based Tool for Trip Detection and Travel-Related Physical Activity Assessment