TRB 2012 Annual Meeting Agenda
TRB 2012 ABJ40 Annual Meeting Minutes
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ABJ40 Sub-Committee Sign Up Sheet, Areas of Interest and Expertise, for Paper Reviews
2011 Paper Review Summary
Draft Committee Triennial Strategic Plan


Session 129: Moving Beyond Quantitative Attributes in Stated-Response Surveys

Campbell, M: Presenting and Evaluating Qualitative Variables in Stated Response Surveys
Hess, S: Accommodating Low Importance Ratings for Qualitative Attributes
Rose, J: Experimental Design and Data Issues for Evaluating Soft Variables
Wardman, M: U.K. Preference Valuations of Soft Factors

Session 178: Incorporating Social Media into Transportation Surveys

Workshop Opening Slides
Augustine, C: Using and Analyzing Data from Social Media
Clement, D:The New Pulse of the Consumer
Giering, S: Enhancing Public Participation Through Social Media
Sasaki, K & Nishii, K: A Study of the Availability of Blog Mining for Examining Tourist Travel Behavior
Spitz, G & Smith, C: Internet access: Is everyone online yet and can we survey them there?
Spitz, G: Preliminary Experience Using Social Media for Survey Recruiting
Wallace, J: MnDOT's Online Customer Community

Session 483: National Travel Surveys in Transition: An International Perspective

Armoogum, J I: Harmonization of European Surveys
Axhausen, K W: Swiss Mikrozensus and its Lessons
Lee-Gosselin: In Search of a Missing NTS
Pisarski, A E: Pisarski Discussant


Petrella, M: Travel Behavior Panel Surveys: Measuring the Impacts of Road Pricing in Seattle and Atlanta
Tatham, C: Best Practices in Transit Rider Survey Data Collection
Transportation Secure Data Center Overview 2012
Wolf, J: GPS in Travel Surveys - A Spectrum of Options