ABJ40 Travel Survey Methods Committee

Stated Response Surveys
Co-Chairs: Eric Molin and John Rose

Mission Statement

The objective of this subcommittee is to promote the further development of, and knowledge dissemination on all types of stated response survey methods, with a special focus on stated preference experiments and stated adaptation methods.

This objective will be attained by:

  • Proposing calls for papers to stimulate research on specialized topics through its parent committee Travel Survey Methods and with other TRB committees.
  • Organizing workshops to discuss new developments and disseminate knowledge among researchers and practitioners.
  • Organizing meetings to discuss ongoing research and set agenda's for future research.

Future Activities

The subcommittee's activities over the coming years will include:

  • Elevating awareness of the subcommittee's mission among researchers and practitioners applying stated response methods. To that effect, the subcommittee will develop a network of subcommittee friends.
  • Provide sub-committee information, resources, and research on the web, as part of the parent committee's website.

Collaborating Committees

It is expected that the subcommittee will have significant interaction with the parent committee, Travel Survey Methods. In addition, synergies are expected between the Committees on Traveler Behavior and Values and specifically, the subcommittee on Understanding Behavioral Processes: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, and other TRB committees interested in travel data and modeling.