ABJ40 Travel Survey Methods Committee

Household Travel Survey Methods Research
Co-Chairs: Jimmy Armoogum, Stacey Bricka

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Data Quality

Mission Statement

The objective of the Household Travel Survey subcommittee is to establish and prioritize a travel survey methods research agenda and promote the conduct of this research. The subcommittee will first establish the agenda by conducting a literature review on a short list of research topics deemed most critical to maintaining or improving the quality of household travel survey data. Topics where the literature review indicates that research is clearly lacking will be prioritized and will form the final agenda. Topics deemed sufficiently informed by prior research will be documented as such. Finally, the subcommittee will work to promote the conduct of this research through exploring avenues to support research within TRB and related organizations.

Future Activities

The subcommittee's activities over the next three years will focus on elevating awareness of the subcommittee's mission among transportation data users and household travel survey methodologists. The subcommittee plans to accomplish this in the following ways:

First, the subcommittee will develop its membership and a network of subcommittee friends interested in its research agenda and goals through outreach to the household travel survey community. By increasing awareness among practitioners and users of household travel survey data, the subcommittee hopes to generate interest and participation among a variety of practitioners and data users.

Second, the subcommittee will issue specific calls for papers, through its parent committee (Travel Survey Methods) and with other Transportation Research Board (TRB) committees. The calls for papers will attract attention to the subcommittee and provide a forum for presentation of the household travel survey research agenda. Collaboration with other committees allows the subcommittee to identify mutual interests and areas where others share concerns that the subcommittee's research agenda will address.

Third, a roundtable discussion at the annual meeting of the TRB will be planned to discuss the research agenda. These goals and future activities will enable the Household Travel Survey Methods Research Subcommittee to establish further connections within the TRB organization and bring attention to the needs for survey methods research, the potential benefits of this research to travel data quality, and the positive impacts these benefits can have for those who use travel survey data for planning and decision-making.

Collaborating Committees

It is expected the subcommittee will have significant interaction with the parent committee, Travel Survey Methods, and its peer subcommittees. In addition, interaction is expected with the Committee on Traveler Behavior and Values, the Statewide Transportation Data and Information Systems Committee, and specifically, the Subcommittee on Statewide Travel Demand Forecasting, and other committees interested in travel data and modeling.